We maintain
residential and commercial pools

Here at Georgia Pool Cleaning, it’s our job to keep your pool clean and safe, so that you can worry less and enjoy it more.

We maintain
residential and commercial pools

Here at Georgia Pool Cleaning, it’s our job to keep your pool clean and safe, so that you can worry less and enjoy it more.

Do I Need to Replace the Pool Water?

By now you probably have a general idea of the responsibilities that come with owning a pool. Regular maintenance and pool cleaning plays a huge role in keeping your pool clean and in good shape. But what about the actual water in the pool? You may be wondering if this is something you’ll need to replace each pool season.

Luckily for residential pool owners, it is usually not recommended to completely drain your pools and refill often. Instead, you’ll only really need to replace pool water every three to five years. Those that are well-maintained can even stretch out the replacement a bit longer.

However, how do you really know when it is time to change it out? We cover that in this blog.

Emergency Draining

Unless there’s something going on with the water, you’re usually okay leaving it alone. The filter does a great job of getting rid of the day-to-day debris that the pool collects.

There are instances when a full emergency draining is recommended and that happens when the pool water becomes too dangerous for swimmers to use. For example, if toxic chemicals, human waste, or a buildup of algae occur, it’s a good idea to drain the pool and refill.

Repair Draining

Pools that are undergoing repairs have no choice but to be drained. If you’re getting the lining of your pool replaced or having masonry work done on the pool, you’ll need to empty it out and refill the water once the repairs are completed.

Additional Factors

There are also several factors that are within your control that will also affect how often your pool will need to be drained. Those that stay on top of maintenance will find themselves in need of less water changes.

The level of usage can also affect the need for replacing pool water. Pools that see heavy usage during the summer months should have the water changed more often. This is because heavy use also leads to quicker buildup in pollutants like sweat, sunscreen, lotion, etc. That is why many commercial pools are drained annually in order to discard heavily used water and have the pool fresh for the next opening day.

Get In Touch with an Expert

It can be tricky to determine when you should replace your pool water and even trickier to replace it. This is a time-consuming and slow process that can lead to damage to your pool if it isn’t done correctly. When in doubt, reach out to your local pool experts, like Georgia Pool Cleaning. We’ll help you keep your pool well-maintained and on track for endless fun.

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