We maintain
residential and commercial pools

Here at Georgia Pool Cleaning, it’s our job to keep your pool clean and safe, so that you can worry less and enjoy it more.

We maintain
residential and commercial pools

Here at Georgia Pool Cleaning, it’s our job to keep your pool clean and safe, so that you can worry less and enjoy it more.

Most Common Pool Repairs

Owning a pool is great for those looking to enjoy time outdoors relaxing or with friends and family. It is no secret that having a pool in the backyard also requires a bit of maintenance and upkeep from regular cleanings to monitoring for problems either with the equipment or the pool itself. Here is a list of the most common pool repairs that show up.

Pool Equipment

Equipment makes up the bulk of keeping a pool safe and running. There are many common problems that can come from the pool equipment alone. This includes smaller issues like pumps getting clogged from debris or hair to heating problems. A lot of this will require some troubleshooting. Pumps, motors, and other machinery do a lot of work to maintain the pool. If you hear any strange noises or notice any leaks, check with a pool technician to pinpoint the problem.

Other aspects of the pool like lights or rails can also wear down over time.

Pool Plumbing

Issues with the plumbing can lead to higher water bills than you’re used to. Pool leaks can form in pumps or through actual cracks in the pool itself. A plumber is not the expert to call when this problem emerges. A pool technician will know exactly how to tackle the issue.

Pool Hardscapes

Sometimes it isn’t the actual pool itself that needs a repair but the area surrounding the pool. Pool decking can become worn out over time from extensive use and from the elements. Cracks and breaks can lead to dangerous situations down the line like debris getting into the pool or someone tripping and falling. Paying attention to the condition of this area is also important to maintaining a safe and fun pool experience.

Pool Interior

Cracks and breaks in the pool tiling can also occur especially in areas where the weather is more unpredictable. These are common pool repairs that pool technicians come across and are usually easy fixes. The interior of the pool can be resurfaced to help improve the durability of it.

Pool Water Features

Water features of a pool would include things like jets, fountains, bubblers, pool spas, or any other aspects of the pool that streams and flows. Pool owners usually spot these problems quickly since reduced flow is easy to notice. An expert will be able to figure out where the issue is coming from and whether it involves leaks down the line or faulty parts.

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