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Keeping the pool clean is one of the top priorities for a pool owner. No one wants to swim in water that is murky, debris-filled, or unsafe. That’s why you can count on Georgia Pool Cleaning to keep your pool in great shape and ready for use whenever the need to throw a pool party or relax in your backyard oasis arises.

We’ve been in the pool business for decades and have all the right tools and staff in place to get a job done efficiently. We are a licensed and insured pool services provider that prioritizes our clients and can get a job done no matter how large or small it is.

Pool Cleaning Services We Offer

  • A clean pool equals a healthy pool and one that can be enjoyed for days to come. Pool cleaning is a regular routine that can become a stressful chore for those that don’t have the time. We’re here to make it easier for you with a dedicated team of pool cleaning professionals that ensure your pool is always ready for you and your family to splash into.
  • We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our clients which is why we use the highest quality equipment and procedures to make sure your water is balanced and clear of bacteria and other organic matter that can cause your pool to become damaged or unsafe.

Common Pool Cleaning Services We Offer at Each Visit Include:

  • Pool deck cleaning
  • Pool filter, skimmer, and pump cleaning
  • Pool equipment check
  • Acid wash
  • Minor repairs
  • Pool opening services
  • Winterizing services
  • Pool maintenance

Whether you’re looking for a one-time cleaning or ongoing maintenance, our experienced team will get the job done right. We have experience cleaning all kinds of pools whether it’s an inground vinyl liner pool, a concrete pool, or a fiberglass pool. Schedule your first cleaning today!

Is Weekly Pool Maintenance Necessary After a One-Time Cleaning??   

  • Many people will opt for a major cleaning right before they open their pools. These are extensive sessions that involve a complete and deep cleaning of your pool water and pool surfaces to get rid of any buildup over the winter months. A pool opening cleaning will consist of balancing water chemistry, removing debris, treating algae, and addressing any other issues that appear when a pool isn’t in use for a while.
  • Although this beginning-of-the-season work is very important in getting your pool back into good shape, it’s not able to keep your pool spotless for the entire summer. This is why weekly maintenance also plays a vital role in pool cleaning.
  • Weekly cleanings are meant to tackle the problems that will come up throughout the summer like debris drifting into your pool or dirty filters.

What we Prioritize for Weekly Pool Cleanings

Test Pool Water and Add Chemicals

Pool water needs to be regularly tested to ensure it is within limits and safe for use. Chemicals are added as necessary to rebalance it.

Skim and Clean out Debris and Leaves

No matter how hard we try, we can’t prevent leaves, bugs, or other debris from finding their way into our pool water. The best way to address this is with a weekly skimming of the surface and cleaning of your pumps and skimmers.

Clear Sediment from Pool Walls

Our pool walls are ideal surfaces for algae and other sediment to gather. We want to remove this dirt and grime regularly from the sides and bottom of the pool.

Vacuum the Pool

Vacuuming the pool is the last step in clearing out the leftover debris that we’ve missed or that has floated to the bottom after our other cleaning tasks.

Check the Pool Filter

The filter collects debris and particles that get into our pool water and needs to be cleaned out consistently and backwashed as needed.

Why Choose Georgia Pool Cleaning?   

  1. We are the trusted pool professionals to partner with whether you’re looking for basic pool cleaning services or emergency repair. We offer extensive services in all things pool-related and send out the most qualified, CPO certified technicians to every pool we work on.
  2. Our cleaning services are unbeatable. We use advanced equipment and technology to for a thorough clean of your pool and can get you scheduled within the next business day. This leaves less room for worries and stress and more time to enjoy your pool all summer long.
  3. With over half a century of combined pool experiences, we are the top choice for residential and commercial pool owners across Atlanta. We are the team to get the job done right. Call us today to set up a time in your calendar!