Swimming Pool Repair Services in Atlanta, Georgia

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Even the best-made pools will reach a point where they aren’t functioning like they used to. This could look like a breakdown of components of the equipment, wear and tear on the tiling and surfaces, or leaks. Whatever problem you’re noticing, it is always a good idea to get it addressed quickly.

Our team of pool repair technicians is dedicated to repairing your pool with the highest quality parts and materials, and Georgia Pool Cleaning offers a warranty on all jobs we take on. With over a decade of swimming pool repair experience, you can trust us to get you back to enjoying your pool in no time.

Pool Repair Services

Our pool experts do it right the FIRST time!

  • We’re experts at handling every kind of repair from rundown equipment to broken tiles. You can trust our pool repair technicians to complete work on your pool safely and efficiently while also using the highest-quality materials and following the best professional procedures.
  • The team at Georgia Pool Cleaning begins every pool repair project with extensive diagnostics, pinpointing exactly what the problem is and developing solutions that fit the needs of you and your pool.
  • Our team can help with repairs on inground pools made with concrete, fiberglass and more!

Some Common Pool Repair Services We Offer include:

  • Parts Replacement
  • Leak Detection
  • Tile and Plaster Repair
  • Pool Lights, Electrical, & More

When to Repair or Replace My Pool Equipment   

When our pool parts break down, our first instinct might be to get it swapped out for a new one immediately or we may think the opposite and be adamant on fixing it no matter what. Here are some tips to help you know if you can get back to enjoying your pool after a repair appointment or if you’ll need to completely replace it.

Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are crucial for keeping your water clean. The main components of a pool pump that people need to be aware of is the bearings, the impellers, and the actual motors on the pump. Minor wear and tear can usually be fixed such as a clogged impeller or worn-out bearings. However, if you have a broken impeller or motor shaft, you’ll need to look into replacement options vs a pool pump repair.

Coping Stones

The coping stones sit at the edge of the pool and is used to finish the pool, creating a seamless transition from tile to concrete. If you’re noticing a few loose stones or smaller cracks, these can usually be dealt with by resetting or refilling. Large cracks or extensive crumbling will need to be removed and replaced.


Skimmers do their fair share in removing debris and keep your water clear. With all the action they see, it makes sense they need regular maintenance. You may notice they get clogged from time to time and this can be handled either on your own or with the help of a professional. Leaks can go either way depending on what the root of the problem is and if you notice any broken skimmer lids, get those replaced as soon as you can to avoid someone getting injured.


Issues with concrete can appear depending on how the concrete was laid and how much wear it has gone through over the years. Cracks or hollow spots are some of the common problems you’ll notice. These can usually be fixed easily by a professional who has knowledge on refilling and resurfacing the area. If you notice a problem where it looks like your pool is nearly popping out of the ground, you might need to scrap your pool and rebuild.

Get in Touch with a Professional to Diagnose Your Problems

At the end of the day, only a pool professional can pinpoint exactly what the cause of your pool problem is and how to best tackle it. Getting in contact with someone as soon as you notice the issue can keep it from worsening and you’ll know right away whether you need to invest in a repair or a replacement.

Why Choose Georgia Pool Cleaning?   

Our top priority at Georgia Pool Cleaning is to keep your pool safe and clean so that you’re able to enjoy it all season long. We’ve done quality work for our community for decades and offer a variety of services that make us the go-to choice for homeowners and business owners all across the Atlanta metro area.

All of our technicians are CPO certified and our services come with free estimates. Partner with a trusted and licensed professional to provide your pool with the care it needs. Call us today for more details on our pool services.