Pool Cleaning and Maintenance in Milton GA

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If you’re seeking quality pool service in Milton, GA, you’ve found the right place. From regular cleaning to chemical balancing, Georgia Pool Cleaning offers all of the maintenance necessary to keep your pool in tip-top shape. Our team of highly trained technicians service a variety of pools, ensuring that your Milton, GA pool receives the best care possible.

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Milton Pool?

It’s a common mistake to not know the frequency at which the pool services at your Milton, GA backyard pool should be performed. At Georgia Pool Cleaning, we recommend a weekly cleaning to keep your pool looking its best. The build up that occurs in your pool can lead to harmful bacteria growth, green and cloudy water, and pH imbalances.

This is especially true after a long winter. Around that time, a deep cleaning must happen as the buildup is insurmountable. This will allow you to use your pool throughout the summer with minimal issues or problems, leaving more time to enjoy your time outside.

Weekly Cleaning Session Checklist

We offer the following pool services for Milton, GA pools. We’re dedicated to making your pool look good all season long.

  • Testing the pool water and applying chemicals to ensure the pool is safe for use
  • Cleaning out dirt and debris by skimming the surface of the pool and regularly cleaning the pumps
  • Clearing the sediment from pool walls, removing grime from not only the sides of the pool but the bottom as well
  • Vacuuming the pool after removing larger debris tasks ensure nothing was forgotten
  • Checking the pool filter to make certain it’s functioning properly to prevent particles from building up.

The Milton Pool Services We Offer

We know working in regular pool cleaning can be a tiring and sometimes unmanageable task. A clean pool is important to your health, as well as your leisure- that’s why Georgia Pool Cleaning offers pool services to provide your pool with the care and attention it deserves.

High-quality equipment means high-quality water. We offer only the highest quality in both our tools and procedures to ensure your health is maintained.

A thorough breakdown of one of our pool cleaning sessions includes the following:

  • Pool deck cleaning
  • Pool filter, skimmer, and pump cleaning
  • Pool equipment check
  • Acid wash
  • Minor repairs
  • Pool opening services
  • Winterizing services
  • Pool maintenance

High-Quality Pool Cleaning and Maintenace in Milton GA   

You shouldn’t have to compromise pool quality and safety by sacrificing pool maintenance services. At Georgia Pool cleaning, we’re committed to providing cleaning services you’ll love and be excited about. We strive for customer satisfaction and prioritize the safety of your pool above all else.

Pool services in Milton GA don’t get better than with Georgia Pool Cleaning. Let us help maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your backyard oasis.  Call now to schedule your cleaning session, or to inquire about our maintenance plans. Let us take the load off of your back and allow you to enjoy a clean, bacteria-free pool zone. Your dream pool awaits!