We maintain
residential and commercial pools

Here at Georgia Pool Cleaning, it’s our job to keep your pool clean and safe, so that you can worry less and enjoy it more.

We maintain
residential and commercial pools

Here at Georgia Pool Cleaning, it’s our job to keep your pool clean and safe, so that you can worry less and enjoy it more.

What Can I Use to Patch My Vinyl Pool Until I Can Schedule a Repair?

Tears in vinyl pools can happen every so often especially if our pool sees consistent use and the liner is old. You don’t need to contact your pool repair professional right away especially if it is a smaller rip that is only about an inch or two in length. You can easily patch these blemishes up with a kit. This will provide temporary relief until you have the time or expenses to do a complete liner replacement.

Why Does Vinyl Tear?

There are a few things that can cause vinyl to tear and most of it is attributed to the fact that the vinyl liner is becoming older. After vinyl liners reach a certain age, they can become harder and more brittle. This can lead to more tear, rips, and holes throughout the material.

Leaks in a vinyl liner as a result of holes or tears can come from rough play, animal damage, or even harsh winter conditions like ice. When it comes to this type of material, any type of weakening can cause it to tear so if you’re noticing things such as wrinkles or faded liners, also be aware that tears may be in the future.

You don’t need to do a complete replacement of the liner just because of a few holes. But if you notice that the overall condition of the liner isn’t in great shape, you can start making plans for a new liner.

Fixing Your Vinyl Liner

Fixing up your vinyl liner can be done easily if you have the right tools. Most patch repair kits will have just what is needed to get the job done. The kinds of tears that have the highest success rate of being fixed are ones that are smaller and located along the wall rather than in a corner or along the bead.

The first step is to find the hole in the vinyl which can be done by taking a mask and snorkel and searching the pool surface closely. Using a bit of colored dye can also help you spot any leaks.

When it comes to the patching itself, follow the instructions that come with the kit. If the tear is located higher up on the wall, it usually needs to be dry when patched. Anything that is located lower on the walls or along the floors can usually be patched up while wet or underwater.

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